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Put the Treg in for its 1st service exactly 1 year from purchase and within 100 miles of the countdown.

Lindsay at Camerons once again excelled - test drive in their V6 tdi (very nice...) and a loan 2.5 tdi for the day.

No surprises in the service, valeted and polished...and above all, no wait.

Apart from slight tyre wear issues, this has been a faultless 1st year of ownership...looking forward to another year of Scottish glens, Rosyth ferries and Autobhans...and maybe a V6 tdi.

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I'd second that - I actually looked for a car to buy from Camerons because they are so good - luckily for me the V6 Tdi Touareg was just out
Full marks for Lindsay too - great attention to detail.
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