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The salesman I saw was John Adair and he sold the car to me properly. He listened to what I said and seemed interested. He was genuinely interested in the car too. Touaregs and Phaetons are new to this dealer, so he wasn't a complete expert, but admitted it and just looked up stuff that he didnt know. Nice chap!

All telephone calls have been returned promptly, and matters have been dealt with with concern and precision. I am still waiting for a build date weeks after placing the order, but that's VW, I think.

I am not sure how the servicing thing will go; time will tell of course.

This is all a very nice change from Mercedes in Brighton (never returned one call, and were really pathetic when it came to providing a brochure) and Caffyns Land Rover in Lewes who stared at me quizically (a sort of John le Mesurier look) when I said I was interested in buying a car. Somehow, in those places, I felt like I was being talked to as a favour. As for Audi - they turn condescension into an art.
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