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Brake Pads and Brake Assist

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Hi All,

I am relative newbie to the forum and have a 3.0 Altitude 07 plate. (great site btw)

I had it serviced at around 21k and its now done 27k . A couple of weeks back the Brake Assist light came on so being concerned I called the main stealer who I purchased the vehicle from and they advised me that as it was a orange light it was merely a warning that they could look in a few weeks. So I booked the car in for the 16th tomorrow.

At the weekend the brake pad sensor also came on. From the reading the forum there seems to be some debate as to how long brake pads should last. In addition it?s not clear what the brake assist fault actually causes and what other problems can be manifested.

My question to you all is a simple one..

Should I expect or indeed accept a bill from the stealers for new brake pads?
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The previous comments I've read, and posted in myself, related to dealer recommendations for pad change during an early routine service when people have then gone on to do thousands more miles before a brake wear sensor warning comes on. Your case seems a litle different as the warning has come on already albeit a bit early, but that could be down to driving style...

I've not heard of a brake assist warning being linked to a wear warning...but these things are so technical, anything is possible. Hopefully Tregtech can chip in.
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thanks for your response.

My driving style is not that hard, do mostly motorway miles however you can't avoid breaking in an auto

if I do have to get the brakes done I?m guessing i should only consider VW pads or does anyone have other recommendations?

(I don't want to invalidate the warranty or have poor brake performance)
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