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Brake Assist - Workshop

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Been getting the above warning, initially late last year, took car to dealer, who claimed to fix it, but problem recurred a day or two later, this went on for a couple of more visits until we eventually got it back fixed, but noticed they had fitted two new rear tyres free of charge. No mention of this to us when the vehicle was returned. Thought this was odd and wildly generous given the old tyres were still legal.

Warning recurred a month ago, same routine - take it to dealer, they keep it for 3 days and return, this time with 4 new tyres! Once again no mention of tyres but they tell me all about the recalls they've addressed and other work undertaken. What's going on, does everyone get free new tyres from VW? They are 18" Michelins, 6 of them in 6 months, why the generosity, am I paranoid, mad or just ungrateful!
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Hi , I think I have the same issue - does the warning only flash for a second when you turn the ignition on ? New tyres would be nice though !!
No, mines fine between bouts of VW tyre generosity. I just wonder what would make a dealer replace ?1000 worth of tyres, that were legal, without telling me - very odd!
had a brake assit failure over a year ago, they had to change the assit valve.

Would be very concerned about only 2 tyres being replaced? the handbook states that tyres should be within 2mm of each other in terms of tread depth...

unless they are trying to generate some additional income - was there any uneven wear between tyres or across tyres?
That's interesting, I'd never noticed the reference to 2mm in the manual. That's quite onerous though as in my experience fronts wear faster than rears and could quite qickly get to 2mm less than rears within 6000 miles or so. Throwing away tyres well within the legal limit is just wrong - think of the rubber trees....

Why are they so sensitive to differences on tyre circumference, surely differentials deal with that. Is it the same with all 4x4s?
there were some earlier threads on this, will try to search them it relates to different rolling circumferences and the stress then that is put onot the transfer box, it may have been a recommendation, there is a consensus on here to swap front to rear 7000-8000 K, but with harder compounds, a few PSI extra and updated software the wear seem to stay fairly even.

Most 4x4 i know of have to keep wear fairly constant across all tyres, im currently 3500 miles away from my treg but will look it up again once reunited in a week or so..
3500 miles away from the Treg and still reading and responding to the Mytreg forum.


That's what I call committment :roll:
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Just bought a Treg from Motorpoint Derby, built Nov 2005, took delivery Oct 2007. The Treg's warning light came on, so off it went in to the VW dealership, 2 weeks later just got it back, only 300 miles on clock, they have replaced numerous ECU's.

This morning got in the car and the Brake Assist has now appeared!! So booked back into the dealership.

Should the dealership not picked this up if there was something up with Brake assist??

Any ideas?


3.2 V6 Sport fully spec'd warranty nearly running out Nov 2007
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I just received the Brake Assist - Workshop message. The dealer maintenance mgr. had no clue when I called today.
Any help would be appreciated.
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