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Just been away on holiday in Devon towing Caravan and so happy with the treg bought it to tow and it is a dream towing.

Back at work running visitors around and up comes BRAKE ASSIT WORKSHOP, nic little graphic of a car going downhile and the traction control warning light comes on as well. Seemn a few posts about this and the hill start error wasn't massivly concerned as i expected a software glitch etc.

9-30 last night called VW assist told me to tke it gently and drive home (was only 10 miles away) and they would have someone out first thing in morning.

7 am got text saying they would be with me at 8am

8am man arrives, plugs in but cant diagnose the fault.

8-30 takes car to Martins in Basingstoke and give me a replacemnt car (Toyota Verso!!!)
12-30 get call Brake assit sensor failed being replaced car will be ready 5pm

annoying to get yet another sensor fault but cant fault the service this time excellent, however wonder what service would be like out of warranty and how much it would cost...

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