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i from time to time get the brake assist workshop message with the picture of the car going down the hill. Doesnt happen on every start up ,just now and again. Was at the vw shop last week and they couldnt find a problem through the error log.
Does anyone have any ideas what it is? or is it dangerous? is it something i can just ignore?
please help.

04 v10 touareg
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Normally the first indication that the battery is going ie not holding charge ,also check the volt meter before engaging starter should be 12volts after starting should be 13/14 volts. The battery if low on charge, causes all sorts of spurious lights to come up. These then go away after run of a few miles if the vehicle doing very short journeys and using lights etc these symptoms are more likely.
Yep, what pilgrim said.

If you turn ignition off, and then back on again, and it disappears, then it is 99% just an indication that the battery is a bit low - usually happens during winter months when using a lot of electrics and/or after a lot of short journeys....
I have had this 3 times, found out that the sensor on the brakes was slighly lose, hence! Brake assist warning, I have done afurther 2000 miles and 4th time brake assist warning light, booked into dealership on 27 Dec

Brake assist workshop light shows intermittently. Taken to vw today and they were suggesting ?300 to check the wiring loom,rather than replace the brake sensor. Further questioning discovered fault diagnostics cannot identify between a failed brake sensor and a fault within the wiring loom for that circuit. Seems they don't have the brake sensor in stock.

What happened with yours on the 27th?
Hi Guys.

I had this BRAKE ASSIST WORKSHOP message display on the MFD this morning. I also had the ESP light come up on the Rev Counter and have noticed that the Trip Computer - Averages Since Start have not reset since I last drove the car on Saturday.

I know some on here have mentioned about low batteries causing this, but mine is reading 12-13V when engine off and 14V when engine on.

I have tried switching ignition off and back on again as some have advised, but the same warning messages remain.
The car seems to be driving fine apart from that.

I have booked the car in tomorrow, but would appreciate the wealth of your knowledge on this subject before I drop her off at VW.
I think the best bet for any owner of a treg is to get your self a vag-com.
Reason being you can diagnose your own faults, and at least went you give your car into the stealers they cant have you over because you can talk to them and let them know that you know what the problem is.
Since I've had a vag-com I?ve saved a lot of money over at the dealers I even ended up changing my own stepper motor during the weekend very easy job only 5 securing bolts and 2 electronic plugs, the car is booked in for software update on 21st Jan which i obviously cant do unless I find a way
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Mine's under warantee, so I don't want to be messing with anyhting myself.

Do you have any info about the faults that i've described?
Ive had brake assist workshop message in the past but as previously mentioned my problem too was due to low battery.
Is your diff lock control knob flashing?
Mine was when I had this problem
Treg went in on tuesday and diagnosed as a 'Brake Boost Pressure Sensor'. New one fitted same day and all seems OK.
I had brake assist warning come up three times, this was due to lose wiring, the last time it cam on was when the vehicle was cleaned inside the whhen arches with a power jet, it went off 3 hours later. Very weird!

This is one of the annoying faults that was written about in the Tope Gear magazine.


I had brake assist workshop message(along with other warning lights) and the next day I got up to a flat battery! Got jump start and took to VW dealers in Carlisle (Harper & Hebson -most unhelpful car dealers on the planet) who didn't want to help because battery didn't have a VW part number on it! They said it must have been swapped so wouldn't be covered under warranty, even though I got my touareg new last year and haven't changed the battery

They want ?135 for a new battery and another ?200 to fit it (VW stealers not dealers, I think). Oh, and apparently they're out of stock so it may be two weeks before they get one in. Does anyone know what make and model of battery is actually fitted to a Touareg 3.2 V6 petrol as standard?
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I have a V10 Touraeg which really likes the VW dealerships as it spends a lot of time in them. My brake assist warning light has been on and off for ages. It was only when it was on during a service that the dealer did anything about it. My car was off the road for over a week whilst the brake servo was replaced. Three days after it was returned it came on again. Faulty part I was told. However, the ECU has now stopped working, and my car was recovered over a week ago. It should be returned soon. I have a nice loan car though. Started in a Skoda now in a 3.0tdi Touraeg. Am I happy with the car. No. My 12 year old Shogun was more reliable.
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