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Brake Assist Warning

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Anybody had the following error pop up:

Brake Assist - Workshop

The car is with one of the local dealers at the moment, feel a bit like a mushroom when it comes to getting sensible info from them.
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never had that message come up in the time I had a Treg maybe one of the other guys can help.
Thanks Scottie

Got the car back today
, the dealer fitted and new potentiomter to the master cylinder, everything now back to 100% apart from the ipod connector which they cant get to work
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glad its fixed

re: ipod connector not working - the connector is just a basic phono module - if its not working, then its either a wiring problem, or something wrong with your ICE unit.

Thanks Kaine

One of my friends installs is an ICE and handsfree kit installation manager he is going to have a look next week. I dont mess around with vehicle electrics as they end up releasing a mysterious blue smoke!!

I found this webpage when I was looking for wiring info for my bowler, was seriously tempted to order the kit off ebay!!
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Nice one !! :rotfl:
jomara said:
Anybody had the following error pop up:

Brake Assist - Workshop

The car is with one of the local dealers at the moment, feel a bit like a mushroom when it comes to getting sensible info from them.
Me too!! My car just came back from dealership last week after several ECU's have been replaced. I then had an IPOD kit fitted. And blow me, my brake assist popped up " brake assist" - Workshop.

Now booked in for monday 29 Oct.

I would be interested to know what happened when I get the Treg back.

Hi Dazzle

Welcome to the forum, I had this happen twice, once it was a faulty brakeboost valave the second time it was traced to a faulty sensor in the master cylinder.

Good luck getting it sorted out.

Thanks John! Much appreciate you welcoming me to the forum.

I worked as a buyer for Rover / BMW and Ford for the last 20 years, I know the supply base that VW use and the suppliers. I hope I can contribute soemthing to help others within this forum.

Cheers for the advice on the Brake warning light! I have been driving around with it still falshing.
An Engineer friend said that these 'sensors' scare you into doing something urgently not that you need too.

Cheers again John

Tell me about it, I towing the caravan along at a fair rate of knots (approaching a roundabout :roll: ) when it decided to start chiming and and flashing warnings, I can tell you I sh*t myself and it turns out it was for nothing!!
Thanks mate!

Have you had any other problems? I have had this two weeks and had quite a few problems, me thinks this Teg maybe a pup!

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I have had a few small problems:

After I bought the car some t*t salesman put a great scratch in the side took the dealer a week to fix it.
The director who was driving the car and couldnt park so all the atheos were mashed (me thinks it was a woman
The window seals whistle like buggery around 40MPH.
The battery mysteriously went flat one day while the car was sitting in the drive.
The brake assist warning/sensor fault has happended twice.
It burned through a set of Pirelli tyres in 6K miles.
Front brake pads had to be replaced at 21K miles.
Sat nav ariel stopped working after it had been in the dealers had to solder a broken wire behind the head unit.
Ipod connector went on the blink and had to be replaced under warranty (when the sat nav got broken :evil: )
First service at 19.5K miles cost ?242.00 (a bit steep for a dash of oil :shock: ).
Drivers seat base ripped at the seam (cos I'm a big boy??? :roll: )
Found wheels corroded onto hubs (sod's law that this happended on the motorway in the pi**ing rain - found that kicking hell out if it and swearing at the top of your voice helps to free it :wink: )

The problems are all silly things and Ingram VW in Ayr have done a fantastic job sorting out the problems the supplying dealer ignored.

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Hi John

Thanks for your reply!

I know what you mean with silly problems! Listers in Worcester are a great VW dealership, but keep having to order tools for changing the sensor on the brake cylinder!!!

Apart from that what a vehicle!! :mrgreen:

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:shock: Booked car into dealer with brake assist warning light in the meantime it broke down due to the foot brake snapping off. At the dealer for a week due to other faults. Replaced brake sensor and Six weeks later complete brake failure and dealer cannot find the fault. Car at dealer indefinately - has it happened to anyone else

2.5TDi sport 54 (04). Manual
:shock: :shock: First I've seen of this sort of problem. Hope it's sorted.

Brake Assist warning has featured a few times...sometimes linked to impending battery failure (low voltages bring on faulty electronics & false warnings) nothing so drastic as a broken pedal though.
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