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Last week I collected my 57 plate Treg and am very pleased with it except that the factory fit bluetooth phone prep wont pair with my bluetooth mobile sony eric. W880i). The dealer doesnt really seem to know what to do about it and VW uk have referred me to a German website for info but I cant understand it!! There must be others of you out there who have had similar problems. Please Help!!!
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Hi Dickie ..

I had a related conversation with my local dealer yesterday however from a slightly different perspective ..

The reason your phone will not pair is that it needs to have SAP - Sim Access Protocol,

Very few phones have that. My Sony Ericsson W810 with Bluetooth will not pair, My HTC S710 will pair.

Without SAP the bluetooth kit does not work.

My conversation with the dealer was to make him aware of this so the sales guys do not allow a customer to order the ?455 phone option without the knowledge that it will require the phone to have SAP. They do not appear to know this.

I will be copying your posting to the dealer in order to emphasize how real this scenario is. Personally I would be extremely upset if I was in your situation.

I'm not sure if purchasing a phone cradle (if available for your phone) would allow the phone to work. I have a suspicion that it may not because the phone kit literally takes over the phone and does not allow it to be used as a phone whilst it is connected ... It is because of this alot of the phones functionality can be accessed from the touchscreen or steering wheel controls. An example of this is - when a text message is received on the phone, the phone kit displays the message on the screen in the dashboard and allows you to read it.

I hope the above helps ... if you have any further questions, please ask ..

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I must be fortunate. My dealer was careful to ask which phone I used when I ordered the bluetooth phone prep. Whilst he was a bit guarded about providing a list of compatible phones he did say that generally Nokia phones seem to be the most compatible.

As Majordomo notes the key factor is that the phone must have must have RSAP - Remote Sim Access Profile.

I have a Nokia E50 and the dealer connected it to the car with bluetooth before I left the forecourt and it just works.

Looks like you may have to change phones.
Thanks for the advice. Looks like I am stuck unless I buy a new phone. The problem will be being certain that the phone I buy will hook up ok! Not happy that VW didnt tell me about SAP before I ordered the carkit.
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