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Bit of an accident….

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Off to the bodyshop to be assessed; not my fault luckily!


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Consider using VW Ensurance, it's free, they'll ensure it's repaired to VW specifications and provide a like-for-like courtesy car - may not be a Touareg, I got a choice of M-B GLE or Audi Q7.
Hi Black Grouse
thanks for the heads up for VW Ensurance, I had never heard of it and now have 3 free years cover
well done
I’ve rejected it and awaiting a response. I’ve primed an engineer to inspect if needed and said it’s a once only opportunity to rectify.

After that it will go to VW.
It’s been sat at a VW dealership locally for in excess of 10 days for the lane departure to be set up, unlocked with a flat battery.
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Exactly this 😂

Not wanting to hijack your lane assit thread, so thought I'd ask in this one - have you had an update on the refused repair?

I'm assuming to some extent or other it has now been accepted by someone, possibly not yourself, as they are now fiddling with the lane assit system?

I truly hope it's getting sorted for you.
The coding finally worked for the lane assist, and as of Monday it was back at the bodyshop after 3 weeks at the dealers

I’m yet to have any feedback from the bodyshop after the critique of their repair 😂 so we wait with baited breath to see what it looks like when it’s officially “finished”
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