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bamber said:
Old site or new site? The old site had was a converted warehouse and had limited facilities.

I am no fan of Motorline, I have tried to purchase VW cars through them twice in the last year and have been amazed by their lack of business awareness to the point of arrogance.

On the other hand cannot speak more highly of Listers in Stratford. Trading in my Touareg for another this weekend, will be my second VW bought from them in the last six months. Unfortunately a little too far to travel for servicing.
Just a little info, i know dealers are more likely to bend over backwards for their own customers rather than those who spend their money elsewhere. Buying outside your area to possibly get a cheaper deal, then expecting your local dealer to carry the can for any faults does not bode well in anyones books. If you have any issues you could always take it back to the selling dealer. Maybe the service there is better.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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