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Auto gearbox shutdown

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Hi hope someone can help...

Wife was on M4 yesterday and driving out of service station the car went into limp mode and warning sign came up on screen - STOP! (car felt like all 4 tyres were flat) Also I have seen the headlight alignment warning light come on now and then.

Anyway she restarted the car and it worked fine and got the family home!

Its booked into Colindale London next week so will report back (and get the wipers done at the same time)

Any thoughts? I reckon its a sensor or ECU type issue. Still under warranty thank god for one more month
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Not sure exactly, but did some forum searched for 'limp mode' and got this


Hope that helps

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Thanks for the reply kaine. Apparently it said Stop Gearbox running fault (or words to that effect!) so likely to be there. When she rang the garage they thought it had corrected itself so would be fine - best to check it out before warranty runs out though.
Had Treg looked at Citygate Colindale. They checked but couldn't replicate the problem. So hopefully it has reset itself and no more wil happen.... :|

What else to say? Windscreen Wiper springs replaced under warranty so thanks for post on that!

Also garage wise, Citygate Colindale a lot better than Finchley Rd Alan Day thats for sure. Picked me up from Station, quick and courteous service and very efficient. (although I had to call them to find out what was happening) One thing I missed though - free pick up and delivery from home! :roll:
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