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Auto Box Phneumatic Slip

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I have heard quite a bit about the specially designed auto box. However my driving experience (and it may just be my driving) is a little different. If I am on any decline in the road the auto box changes smoothly up through the gears. If I am on even a minor incline the box does not know what gear it should be the revs go up and down and what you think is a gear change has little correlation with what the MFI is telling me.

I find it a little annoying if honest and get around it my using trip gears quite a bit. Is this my driving, does anyone recognise this as something they also observe, and if it is the sign of a probem should I push for resolution?

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Hi PB, it would be good to know age/milaege etc but here goes...

When I test drove a Treg for the first time it displayed similar symptoms to yours (if I understand you correctly) - the box appeared 'confused' and 'hunted' between gears seeming unable to decide which gear it should select - this was especially noticeable when going uphill, as you say. Thankfully I've never experienced the same issue with mine but I can understand how frustrating it might be.

I believe the basic elements of the auto-box in the Treg are those from the Audi A8 - so they should be well proven and generally robust. Like most modern auto's, the box has electronic control - hence the opportunity to select 'Normal' (economy/comfort biased) OR 'Sport' (late upshift/early downshift - for better response). The box is adaptive to driver style, so timing for up-shifts changes depending on how you drive but this shouldn't really affect the quality of the change or the box's ability to make a selection. Question: Do you experience the same symptoms when in 'Sport' mode?

It is possible to re-set the box's memory (as Pilgrim recommended elsewhere) "if you wish to reset the gearbox turn the ignition on without starting and hold the accelerator down for 15 to 20 seconds" - so I'd try this first. If this fails then it may be necessary for the dealer to change the software.

Regarding the MFI readout - I have noticed a slight delay in the upshift registering in the display - maybe by a second but that's all.

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I have noticed the same symptons - the revs change i.e. go up on the rev counter (or all over the place) but the MFI displays the original gear! In general it is quite smooth but does get caught on on certain roads ~30mph limit.

Think of Vicky Pollard answering the teacher - the box goes through the same deliberation - 'Yeh but no but, yeh but no.........whatever'

I've tried cruise at 30mph round town but it is pants as the gears are always changing up with the slightest incline when in normal auto mode.

I had my transmission flashed with the latest upgrade at my last service and to be honest there is no difference. Might now try the manual reset.
Me too....

Gear changes are a bit jerky, not like the 3.0 demo I drove. Cruise is particularly annoying, as at speeds between 30 - 45 mph, it keeps changing down at the slightest incline, then almost immediately changes back up again! My old Jeep Grand Cherokee had a FAR better cruise control system :angry2:

It seems, subjectively of course, that sport mode is smoother....?

Talking of the cruise control, the Jeep had a facility allowing you to push the "Resume/Accelerate" button and get a speed increase of around 1mph per push - ie, press button 10 times, speed goes up 10 mph.

According to the manual, if you do a double push on the same button in the Treg, you should get an increase of 1km/h, which seems a little slow and clumsy at best, but mine doesn't seem to work at all?? Anyone else noticed this problem??

I can get an increase/decrease in cruise by a quick press of the relevant switch but if you hold down the '+ resume' the Treg assumes you wish to enter warp drive, drops gears and goes for it. Much prefer a gentler approach so I tend to manually accelerate and then press the set button at the appropriate speed.
My 2.5 used to be a little ropey

it was very jumpy in cruise mode but I put this down to the tunit box

I have an 05 2.5 sp se auto from new now 1yr 11k.

Tried the reset but don't think that made a big difference. Seems other folks have the same experience and I just don't expect this 'e-yeh-but-no-but-whatever..' gear shifting from this range of car.

My dealer is not responsive to this being an issue and it was reported very early on after getting the new car. I think I will run the option past them to take a look or I will ask UK support and see what they will do.

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