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Hi all,

Ok I know this may have been covered before but there is so much to read up about these navigation units in VWs I was hoping this will save me some time.

Anyway here is my question:

I bought my first Touareg yesterday and so far so good the only thing I am slightly disappointed with is the SAT NAV. I have a 2005 Touareg with a 2004/05 cd map from tele atlas. I was wondering if I can update the version firmware to give me a few more options like:

1) Prospective 3D view of maps.
2) Better detail of maps.
3) Able to get speed cameras.
4) Up to date maps.

Is any of the above possible on Volkswagen nav systems?

I previously had a BMW 330 M Sport with sat nav and I upgraded that myself using a version update disc and the latest maps disc. It was fairly easy to do.

Can this be done on my Touareg using the same principle?

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