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We bought a new small run around which has a decent head unit built in with CarPlay etc. It brought into perspective how limited our RNS510 was to both update and to add inputs to. I therefore set out on a search for an option to replace it. I had previously replaced the bluetooth unit under the drivers seat with one from a ?skoda to allow iPhone connectivity for handsfree and phone book transfers, this had not maintained either the phone or star steering wheel button controls.

I had a few criteria I wanted to fulfil with the new head unit.

1. Restore full steering wheel controls if possible
2. Wireless or wired CarPlay
3. Adaptability with apps etc

I therefore explored the options of Android head units.

There was nothing really online or on YouTube for installs into a Touareg but with quite a few install vids for VW T5s I felt it was within reach. The middle of the road ATOTO brand kept popping up including on Amazon. Having researched their capabilities and reviews I felt pretty confident they would fit the bill if I could get it all to connect. I got in touch with their team and they directed me to the connects2 website which then directed me to the dynamicsounds site.

I bought:

ATOTO A6 PF from amazon ~£279
Connects2 CTSVW002.2 with patch lead from £49.99
Connects2 CT27AA179 antenna adaptor from £11.99
A set of car radio removal keys from Amazon £5

I removed the RNS510 with the keys and disconnected it.

The ATOTO comes with a number of connectors
  • Loom version A to ISO connector
  • Loom version B to ISO connector (different to A in that the constant and "switched live" are in different positions
  • Loom for splicing
  • USB for data connection
  • USB lead for phone connection
  • GPS antenna
  • Remote microphone
  • a number of other items which I haven't used!

The Connects2 CTSVW002.2 is a loom that has a small box to sort out the CANBUS signals to turn the unit on and off etc. This has to be connected in a specific order as per the instructions that come with it.

The steering wheel control wires need crimping on, but don't worry about which goes to Key1 or Key2 as this is all programmable in the HU afterwards.

Once connected it all booted up and was ready to go, having confirmed the compatibility was what I was after I took it all to bits again and set the actual HU to one side.

The data USB was channeled through into the glovebox.
The phone USB was channeled through to come out just above where the ash tray is.
I stuck the GPS receiver inside the back of the alcove where the HU goes given its unlikely to be needed as it will be running off google maps most of the time. I may move this out to a better location if needed.

The unit comes with the parts to build it in without needing a separated double DIN cage. It does sit slightly proud currently but I'm going to work on how to set it in, it'll never be flush but its not meant to be as its a floating screen style.

Reconnected, booted up quickly, connected to the phone and music playing with good enough quality (I'll send it through the volume range at some point), full CarPlay functions working wirelessly, steering wheel volume and star buttons are all programmable within the HU and are functioning.

So far I'm really impressed. There are stories online about battery drains but fingers crossed this is where there is an install error which I'm hoping I haven't made.

I didn't realise I needed an antenna adaptor as detailed above... I've ordered it and will fit it next week.

I'll update this thread over the next few weeks and let you know if I run into any issues.

Of note, there are some smaller screened versions that would sit within the screen in a more OEM style if that's what you would prefer.

A few pics, I've snuck the CB handset cable out the side so ignore that, it's not part of the HU! Pls excuse the mess on the floor!

Car Gear shift Light Motor vehicle Hood

Motor vehicle Gadget Automotive design Radio Steering wheel

If this continues to live up to expectations, I will have an RNS510 with it's PIN code, a bluetooth unit and a Multi CD player for sale soon if any one's interested.

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That's different. It's a bit overbearing for my taste, a smaller version would suit me better. If Kufatec still offered adaptor looms for retro fitting an RNS 510 i would have been interested in it, sadly they don't anymore.

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I don't know tbh. Two reasons why i wanted to keep things OE spec, aesthetics first and principally. Second I have a Digital device added to the HU that allows me to enjoy iPod playback, the sound is pretty good for old technology.

That all took a lot of effort to arrive at via Bluetooth experimenting which I'm reluctant to compromise by swapping to a non VW unit. The RNS 510 would have been the best upgrade option as my additions would have just swapped over, but that can't be done.
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