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On Friday the alternator on my 04 2.5l TDI died. This happened very suddently, the warning light came on and 2 hours later the engine died just as I pulled up to the VW dealership on Finchley Road in London. I have had no battery related problems in the 6 months I've had it and was surprised by the fact that the problem seemed to come from nowhere and cripple the car in such a short space of the time. I have seen many posts on this forum about battery problems and always check the voltage to ensure it is around 15. Anyone else got experience of this kind of issue?

Finchley Road VW is not my local garage and I have been largely forced to have the work done there due to vehicle recovery costs. They are charging ?600 for parts and labour - this sounded a lot to me so I spoke to my local VW dealership who quoted around ?375 for the same work. Does anyone else have any comparative costs? It seems that Finchley Road VW are charging for 3 hours labour; I understand this was a job that could be completed in 1.6 hours according to the VW handbook.. Any advice?
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