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Seems very perverse to choose fluid branded by a transmission producer that's "Multi Purpose" and allegedly suitable for most modern transmissions (from any manufacturer)

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Perverse to use Aisin ATF in an Aisin box?
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There are several VW specification references on the back of the bottle.

I checked my old VW invoice for the OEM
fluid which went into my 2013 245 R-Line last summer and it was VW G 055 540 A2.

Different specifications of oil went into the diffs and transfer case.

There appear to be many oils from different manufacturers which meet VW specifications but your best bet would be to check with your VW dealer or oil supplier to be 100% sure.

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Yes, there were many threads in forums debating over these replacement fluids.
Go google the keywords and might uncover some who successfully used them.
I have the same Audi Q7 TDI 2013 with CRCA 245hp engine and Aisin TR-80SD.

TR-60SD - 6 speed up to 2012 (approx)
TR-80SD - 8 speed 2013 onwards

The OE VW oil is getting very expensive, I replaced it years ago with Ravenol
ATF T-WS LIFETIME. This was clearly a certified oil, I felt no difference in perfomance over OE. (which is a good thing).
My 20L drum is almost used up and I am also tempted to save some dollars by testing Aisin type WS. Automatic Transmission Fluid Type WS (ATF-WS) for Aisin-Warner Transmissions for Volvo - ATF0WS - 31256774 - 123941 (

Your OP shows fluid for 6 spd, perhaps that is suitable for TR-60SD. For our TR-80SD, I would recommend testing the above WS one. I am quite certain this made in japan fluid will work without issues for our autobox, and saves us quite a bit too. Cheers and keep the feedback coming.
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