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Airbag Fault

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so the warning came on..cue panic from the wife..."we're all gonna die...." so on new years day called VW assistance, I take my hat off to them they were out within an hour...the fault was a "sparodic" fault with the side airbags, he switched the warning off and said that if it happened again we should take it to a dealer, great another morning to be wasted as only touareg dealers can fix the bloody fault...
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I had meant to write some pieces on sporadic faults but I had not got round to it. Be careful with these types of faults as they can be very misleading. Along with other faults it can just mean your battery is low. All of these can show up as individual faults on the diagnosis readout and lead one to believe everything on the vehicle is going haywire. Other symptoms are the sat/nav screen is blank and the route may not show, other things go into shutdown 'graceful degradation' one by one. I have had this happen on a number of occasions when the battery is low.
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couldn't resist this one

so if it may be the battery, is that a free replacement under warranty?
No, just a damed good run rather than shopping trips etc...
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You also get the airbag warning light if a microswitch under the seat is faulty - Takes about an hour tops to fix and my local VW dealer did it within an hour........after I waited 3 weeks for the part to be delivered from Germany while the ordering system went haywire.......These things are sent to test us
you are not going to believe this, so I had the fault switched off, came back 2 days later, so thought Iwould call up my nearest garage 30 miles away, Beadles Aylesford,

"oh yes sir we are taking bookings for luxury cars for the 3rd week of February at the earliest..."

I said thats just appalling, I could be dead from the fault by then

oh don't worry sir call vw assitance to see if they can give you a loan car and tow your one back to a garage who can take you in...jesus christ now I feel even better that I am getting a Q7, Audi would never palm me off like this
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