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Hi Guys, hoping you can help me again with my 2012 m/y Cayenne (i.e. posh frock Treg). Have searched other threads but all seem about how to fix a found leak. My car has just been in the garage for another (3rd now) abs sensor replacement. Before taking it in, the suspension had started to loose air over a few days and on setting off was rock hard (like driving with square wheels!) until the pump had filled the reservoir and all then well again. No warning lights are showing. The garage spent a lot of time trying to find the leak, using spray on leak detector fluid on all the joints from the under seat pump out to the units but to no avail. They are pretty experienced and aware of the usual places for leaks on these vehicle, but were unable to find it and the problem remains. Clearly needs fixing before the pump is overworked and fails.
They put the suspension on max height and left overnight. In the morning the front off side was lower than the other 3 corners but still unable to identify any source of leak. During the following days it looses air all round and sits at the lowest level.
Would appreciate any thoughts on this and grateful for any help.
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