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Ah Yes, The Old Tyre Wear Problem...

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Hi chaps,

Just wondered if the old tyre wear thingy had been sorted with anyone yet? I've read the threads, seen the anger, seen the threats to complain and I've joined in with my own experiences - I've sent a 4 page letter to VW Lux, and finally today, 6 WEEKS after first mentioning the inner front tyres being nearly BALD, I got my dealers (Motorworld Oxford) to listen in person.

I should mention, it's taken them 6 weeks to resolve a paint repair issue which had been ongoing (salesman I bought it off left, someone else took on the case, now finally the Lux Car Manager is delaing), and was told while this was being sorted to wait until I went in person to report the tyre wear.

Now, because I've done a couple of thousand miles since, it sounds like they're not interested, and I should 'lose my temper with VW Lux Support' (as quoted today).

My point is that I noticed the tyres were worn within a month of buying it, and can't belive that they weren't already like it before I collected. Therefore, am I right in assuming that the car was in an unfit state to sell, and I have a right of complaint agains the dealers in the first instance?

I have now sent my letter to Watchdog and will be copying to Top Gear, 5th Gear, Trading Standards and the Retail Motor Industry Federation.

What about the Class Action Lawsuit that was threatened? Any joy with that, anybody? WE NEED TO GET VW TO LISTEN TO US EN-MASSE, OTHERWISE WE WILL FOREVER PAY THROUGH THE NOSE!
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just moved your post to the correct forum - sorry to hear about your continued problems

hi people back to the old tyre issues again

i have 275 45 19 tyres
have been trying to get a new set ,trying to get hancook tyres
but having problem finding any
can anyone tell me a good tyre other than the hancook,
or can any one tell me where to go for hancooks
i live west midlands /staffordshire border
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Other people have been pleased with Toyos.

Here's a quote from

Book on line and they come to your office or home by appointment.

275/45R19 108Y TOYO PROXES ST Fully Fitted 4 x Tyres = ?631.03 .They have the Grappers which are also recommended often

Expecting my tyres to be delivered today.
My Vredestien Wintrac 4 xtremes which cost ?105 each have just hit 35,000 miles. They have another couple of thousand left in them however I am now looking to replace them just in case we do get some snow .... Nothing worse than a 4x4 having problems in the snow ... :oops: :oops:

I have found them to be a superb tyre.

Good luck

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