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Hi Guys,

My V10 had very bad clunking of gears when in very slow traffic. Went into Vw near the Blues ground in Brum, and had the sofwtare Update done. The changing upa and down is about 70% better but in the process they killed my Climate Control, in terms of its not blowing any cold air not matter how cold the outside temp is.

Took in to a Climate Control place who chedked the Refridgerant thats fine. They advised me that the Compressor is not kicking in as it is not getting a signal.

The only weird thing is my Climate Control display changed after the update to the transmission. Before the words Off were displated on both sides of the Climate. On return from the Dealer on the Passenger side shows the Words Off. The drivers side is completley blank until I raise the fan speed and then the display becomes normal.

I even drilled down thinking its the Climate Control Unit at Fault. Installed a fully tested unit and guess what the same issue.

Have you guys have any idea of this?

I have booked it in with Lister in Stratford Upon Avon tommorow as its been almost 4 weeks of no AirCon, and another 4 weeks before VW in Burm can have a look at it again.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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