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?40 for rear brake light change?

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I have tried without any success to change a blown brake light bulb, but the rear cluster does not seem to want to come away from the car.
I called a vw dealer they advised me ?40 to change the bulb

So I went down to vw Romford Essex expecting they would do it for me without much fuss but was told they did not have any rear clusters in stock so they could not do it now as if it broke whilst they were changing it I woiuld have to purchase a new one.
After much arguing with the dim girl at the desk.
They said they would try and do it and show me how its done and it would cost ?24.08
anyway I needed it done so I was ready to pay there ridiculous charge.
CUT a lonnng story short after 40mins they still never found someone free to change my bulb so I left...Problem is now I still don?t have my brake light fixed any advise of competent vw dealers in London preferably East London/Essex....Or any tips on how to do it myself.
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There was a string of items on this topic recently, try:

Had to change my brake bulb recently but had seen it removed when my tow-bar was fitted so here goes:

1. remove plastic covers on inside of boot that allows you to get at the clusters screws
2. remove the two screws that hold the cluster on
3. Now this is the trickier bit - you must pull the whole light cluster rearwards, do not lever it sideways, away from the car. You are trying to pull a ball out of a socket that can be harder than is really necessary. My fingers are quite thin and I was able to get a grip of the front edge of the light and pull it rearwards.
4. change bulb and test before re-assembling
5. lubricate ball to make it easier for the next time.
6. re-assemble, include tightening screws to re-align the lamp.

Good luck.

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well they had ur pants down yes they are tight to come away we change them free( with the aid of spec tool ) and also replace the ball socket so the customer can remove at a later date with ease see this little snipit of info hope it helps you
The clamping force between light and body has been reduced by modifying the clip nut. The new clip nut with the reduced force is black.

From 12.2004, Chassis No. WVGZZZ7LZ5D052429

Service solution

Additional information:
When removing the rear light on vehicles up to Chassis No. 7L5 D 052 428 replace the plastic clip nut - Part No. 7L6 905 229 unless a black clip nut has already been fitted.
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