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OK as you may know i had my 3lit tdi s last week,

just filled her up and worked out at 27 mpg, 50% m/way, 50% A/B roads around town etc,

how does this compare ?

I was pleased to get 540 miles from a tank full,

what say you my 3lit tdi tregers



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With my wife doing the majority of the driving (I've been in the USA), we averaged 27.4mpg for this tank, according to the MDF - although the mileage is coming out at closer to 500 than 540...

My all-time average (predominantly fast country roads) over nearly 15k miles is 24.5 mpg.

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My long term average since September is 27.6 I think. Since the weather has warmed up a bit (no anti-freezing additives in the fuel now?) my tankful averages are creeping up to 28/29. I have seen longer journey averages of 31mpg. Quite happy with that considering what is being hauled around.


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i am getting about 26.0mpg from my new Treg, Hoping to see nearer 30 when it is eventually run in
(only done 300 miles in it so far). Range shown is 600 miles.
I do mainly motorway driving. To be honest it does not cost much more than my 2.5L Petrol Mondeo,
on the same journey so i am quite happy.
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