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  1. Engines & Transmission
    Hello, im facing problem with gear shifting under acceleration. when im driving And i step on the gas more, it goes from fourth to five And six gear takes a while to shift. For example RPM are 2100 and shifting to next gear.. 1800 and 1500. one to four is okay even under full throttle. It is...
  2. Engines & Transmission
    I recently changed my Gearbox AISIN OC8, after the initial malfunctioned and reverse clutches broke off. Touareg 2015, V8, 4.2. In the new gearbox, there’s an obvious leak through the transmission breather. We have washed off the leak below the car, drove for approximately 50kms and on looking...
  3. Engines & Transmission
    Good day T-reggers, I have a 2010 Touareg 3.0 TDI with the Aisin 09D transmission. When getting off the line quickly, it's always a laggy experience getting into 2nd gear. The engine seems to run out of steam around 2,500-3k RPMs. Only way to get into 2nd gear sub 2,100 RPMs is to apply super...
1-3 of 3 Results