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Posted 08 August 2014 - 08:17 AM

1. Arrive early and get yourself a coffee and chill - take someone else with you to use as a second pair of eyes
2. After the meet/greet with the sales person, have a general look over the exterior of the car - stand back and look from all angles
3. Ensure that all options are present - it's not unknown for an option to have been missed off the build
4. Ask to look over the car on your own for 10 - 15 minutes - examine every panel and panel gaps carefully, paying particular attention to the build quality, paint quality and alloy wheels - look out for damage, scratches and swirls caused during the PDI/valeting, particularly on dark colours - if the car is indoors make sure you view it from all angles and if you can't, get it moved outside, particularly if the sun is shining as this will show up preparation defects. Carefully look along the lines of the car any damage/panel distortion (see below)
5. Check to ensure any extras or freebies are included (rubber mats/top up oil/fuel etc)
6. Have the sales person go over any features of the car you may not be familiar with - eg electronic oil level, MFD computer, cruise control, spacesaver spare/compressor and pair your BT phone to the car
7. Have a test drive - if you so wish - test all basic controls and listen out for rattles/vibrations
8. Have another coffee and ask the sales person any questions you may have
9. Ensure that the car is set for desired servicing regime - Time and Distance or Long Life
9.a. Also discuss the service pack options - both the VW one and the dealer packages. You can decide later which one is for you (during first 90 days)
9.b. Make sure they gave you the extra rear number plate if you asked for one (I need one for my tow bar mounted bike rack)
10. Complete the paperwork and pay for the car - if there are any issues you are unhappy with and it can't be fixed there and then, get written confirmation that the dealer will put them right - have this endorsed on the invoice and/or get them to send you an email confirmation there and then
11. Make sure you get 2 keys and that the owners manual is complete - check to ensure that the service record has been stamped up by the dealer for the PDI
12. Put the telephone numbers for VW Assist in your phone
13. Bring a camera and take some photos
14. Bring an IPod/SD card with some of your favourite music on
15. Drive away and enjoy your new pride and joy
16. Post an inspection/collection report on the forum - with pics - job done

Specific (Cass door problem):
When you examine the panels/bodywork, look at the car from each corner, obliquely along the body line. Let your eyes follow the contours of the car, paying careful attention to the front door panels. Squat down slightly and move your head up/down/left/right, paying particular attention to the concave section of the front doors. Look for any signs of distortion from under the door mirror, down and across into the centre of the door and then down into the lower corner next to the B pillar. I have found it useful to use a straight reflection (kerb line or lamp post) to use as a reference when looking at panels as well as sharply contrasting areas of light/shade as this shows up any defects more easily. Hopefully you will not find issue with the manufacture, but do look for signs of distortion where the inner accident strengthening panel bonds to the inside of the door - it is about 4" wide and runs across the complete door panel.

Good luck, enjoy the experience but don't rush it - take as much time as you need.
Regards Loz

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